Evolent could very well be called the positive result of a long-term friendship between Lauri Meyer and Ron Rüegg, both hailing from the steep highlands of Zurich, Switzerland. But tat would leave out major parts of a large story!...

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Out of the F.E.M cradle rises it's own ensemble: a band, a liveact, a electronic music performance project. Dedicated to evolving interaction, improvisation and high energy live performance.

With many years of experience as a DJ, Juzz skillfully understands to separate the musical wheat from the chaff and to inspire the people on the dance floor with his driving sets. With so much inspiration, producing was only the logical consequence. And the results speak for themselves: all elements that function in his sets merge into groovy, driving tunes with his own unmistakable style.

pushing the edges and overstepping the boundaries again and again, that's the motivation of ron rjega. living this credo day by day, every production gets its unique touch and bursts with innovative elements and combinations...

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