FEM Ensemble - Coherency

FEM Ensemble - Coherency 360 Video Clip

Art, any given form of art, can be summarized in individually processed pieces of perception. However, the process itself very much depends on the individual's inherited and appropriated way of handling creative stimulation. As the interaction with the individual’s surrounding is momentary only, the creative outcome most likely is the result of the previously mentioned factors. Therefore, the unique coherency of art only exists in this very moment."


Freunde elektronischer Musik on Bandcamp.com

we decided to put all our releases on bandcamp.com From now on, you will find all released Tracks from freunde elektronischer musik plus some unreleased originals & remixes. Enjoy!

Yours sincerly F.E.M Team

FEM011 "one of those nights" by fabio papa

FEM011 "one of those nights" by fabio papa

the beauty of ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS can be found in the blend of simplicity and functionality. both tunes are outlined by an almost brutal reduction to the core elements. carefully selected sounds that are arranged in a highly effective sequence of patterns - that is the definition of FABIO PAPA's music. His long time experience as a live performer is reflected directly in his productions. it doesn't take a lot of elements toget a perfect groovehe states,but without groove, there is no fire on the dancefloor. the record gets topped off by two powerful remixes by ANDER and the F.E.M ENSEMBLE.

Release Date: 26.02.2017 & 01.07.2017

Freunde Elektronischer Musik

Association for the promotion and integration of electronic music and its creators in the Highlands of Zurich

Probably sounds a little awkward, but accurately describes the ideology behind F.E.M (Friends of Electronic Music). The focus of course is on music, the link to the whole thing. And accrue among others, the promotion of young talent, workshops on the subject, Events, cultural networks and more.

"Electronic music is a way of life, we love and live it!"