FEM011 Fabio Papa - One of those Nights

the beauty of ONE OF THOSE NIGHTS can be found in the blend of simplicity and functionality. both tunes are outlined by an almost brutal reduction to the core elements. carefully selected sounds that are arranged in a highly effective sequence of patterns - that is the definition of FABIO PAPA's music. His long time experience as a live performer is reflected directly in his productions. it doesn't take a lot of elements toget a perfect groovehe states,but without groove, there is no fire on the dancefloor. the record gets topped off by two powerful remixes by ANDER and the F.E.M ENSEMBLE.

Releasedate: 28.02.2017

FEM010 Various Artits - Native Complexity II

Chapter two of "NATIVE COMPLEXITY" is more of a sequel than the next episode. again this handcrafted electronic music collection can only give a hint on the density and complexity that lies within the Freunde elektronischer Musik orbit. Layer after layer can be scraped, only to discover another uncharted area of the minds infinite imagination. Native Complexity, the beauty lies within.

Releasedate: 28.10.2016

FEM009 Robin & The Sidekick - Shifting Perspective

The ninth release on Freunde elektronischer Musik expands depth in every direction. ROBIN AND THE SIDEKICK are diving deep into sonic elements, knowing exactly how to weave their own textures. The ability to create and form reveals itself in „SHIFTING PERSPECTIVE“, an astonishing tune with a message so intense and pure, it might really change ones perspective. „MORNING AFTER“ comes along with the same precise and skilled craftsmanship. Soft and smooth sounds ensnare and soothe all the senses. Like warm summer rain moistens sundry lips. RJEGA & PAPA and the F.E.M ENSEMBLE put their spotlights on selected aspects of those two tunes, enriching this opus with their own interpretations.

Releasedate: 15.05.2016 & 22.07.2016

FEM008 Juzz - East EP

«East» emerges straight out of label head JUZZ’s creative laboratory. An EP packed with tunes for those special nights when everything is possible. This release confirms that JUZZ has found his own true handwriting. His music lives on subtle changes, grows on its hypnotic and repetitive elements, surprises with unexpected twists and turns. The past and the future melted into present.

Releasedate: 15.02.2016

FEM007 Maurits & Luca Barletta - Times EP

FEM007 is the fourth vinyl release on our label, which is constantly growing. The title gets straight to the point, “Times”. „Why“ you might ask? Well, “These Days” is a modern deep techno track by upcoming youngster Maur!ts. With dry Beats and huge basslines, this tune rolls straight forward through the night. That is exactly the maxime of Maur!t’s sound. “Those Days” on the other side, is a homage to the good old days. Young producer Luca Barletta is very skilled in keeping the direction he chooses. Those raw shuffled housebeats we all like, combined with atmospheric backgrounds and dubby chords, put a smile on every houselovers face. There are also two big remixes by Rhadow and ChrisBC included. Enjoy this pre-listening and support our label and these upcoming artists

Releasedate: 11.11.2015

FEM006 Rjega - Sabbia Nera

With the "SABBIA NERA EP" Rjega shares another unique collection of his sonic adventures. While the title track "SABBIA NERA" summs up the vibrations of a black sand microcosm, "AS WE PROCEED" ponders about the attraction of the wast open space."GOOD INTENSIONS" is more like a surprising fraction that splintered from a completely different intented experiment.The pure joy of music can be found in every aspect of "GRIN IN YOUR FACE". "Wise words can catalyse and lead to inspiration" states Rjega. "This process can also be initiated by the exchange of energy that happens in a jam session, like "SOULFUL SCOPE" which was performed together with my friend Jay Phonic."

Releasedate: 28.08.2015

FEM005 Various Artists - Native Complexity EP

"native complexity" gives you the insight to the broad variety of music that is happening all around the freunde elektronischer musik universe. Childhood friends alongside to new alliances, constantly working on their own musical expansion, formed the idea to this EP. native complexity, literally.

Releasedate: 08.05.2015

FEM004 Rjega - Belong

"edges have been pushed, boundaries overstepped. again. the origins of "belong" go back a while and have riped patiently to become this blossoming song. a story about seeking and longing for personal fullfillment, about love and a place to call home. "another lazy sunday afternoon" is to bee taken litterarely. a lush float through a weekend with a soft release right into your pillow. and in the end there's a goodbye. always. so farewell friend, may your spirit soar. complemented by remixes from steffen sonnenschein, juzz and evolent.

Releasedate: 30.12.2014

FEM003 Juzz - Head Off, Heart On

"Head off, heart on" is next to go. This EP of our artist JUZZ contains two brand new tunes, both revealing in depth sight on the producers perception. "I felt a deep urge to get rid of all my conceptual influences regarding the way of creating my music. Almost like a purifying force that guided me back to the roots of expressing my emotions through music" says the long time producer and dj. " Constantly being surrounded by music got me more and more into a repetitive workflow. Remembering the freedom and innocence of my first attempts in the studio led to this sole conclusion: turn your head off and your heart on" And the result speaks for itself: highly emotional music wrapped in functional arrangements, aiming to move your soul. Accompanied by two astonishing remixes from MARKUS HOMM and DREKSLER & HAERLE, who both got only one demand: head off, heart on.

This release is available on a limited number of 12" vinyl and digitally on your favorite online shop.

Releasedate: 21.09.2014

FEM002 FEM Ensemble - Punkitchii Bay

The second output of swiss based label "Freunde elektronischer Musik" (F.E.M) is the debut of their in-house liveact-ensemble, the fem ensemble. The four guys claim: "femensemble is a band like approach to a fully electronic setup, opperated in realtime as an interface between both crowd and music. We record these pieces of live music and extract parts of it into new songs". "punkitchii bay" is a unique stroll on the beach between palmtrees and hot sun, spiced with the perfect amount of tribal rhythm and deepness.More than just a picturepostcard, this track is a multidimensional experience for your mind,body and soul. If you seek freedom, come to "punkitchii bay".

FEM002 will be available exclusively digital, including a deep hypnotic remix from STEPHAN HINZ (kling klong, renaissance) and a uplifting remix from ANDER (nice try).

Releasedate: 21.06.2014

FEM001 EVOLENT the legacy

We are proud to present EVOLENT with their smasher "the legacy". A slik, yet powerful journey trough the depths of sound and rythm. Known for their 100% Hardware based Live performences, Evolent proofed once again their love for depth and details in this massive tune. "we just keep on searching for the perfect balance between a somhow minimalistic approach and detailed storytelling" state the two guys from Evolent. And thats exactly what they did.

This wonderful piece of music will also be available on a limited number of 12" vinyl, including a massive remix from MICHAL HO (get physical, nice try) and a twisted afterhour remix from MONKEY MAFFIA (freudeamtanzen). So better be quick!

Releasedate: 21.03.2014